Wednesday, February 22, 2017

cast announcement - GYPSY - Desert Foothills Theater

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs March 31st to April 9th

Rose: Debra Qualtaire
Herbie: Scott Hyder
Louise: Lyndsay Kalby
June: Ali Whitwell
Tessie: Kathy Donald
Mazzeppa: Jacqueline Notorio
Electra: .Elizabeth Lyon
Baby June: Drea Metzger
Young Louise: Mia Dybvig-Pawelko
Tulsa: Jacob Herrera
News Boys: Adrian Bahnerth and Chris Fletcher
Children's Ensemble: Bella Varela-Prendergast, Bronte Bowling, Sofia R. Doe
Agnes: Mackenzie Moller
Ms. Cratchitt: Skye Ayers
Yonkers: Brody Wurr
Mr. Goldstone/Mr. Webber: David Mason

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