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audition notice - SPACE JUNK - Brelby Theatre Company - February 11

Space Junk Auditions Feb 11 9am-12pm

Space Junk Callbacks will be held by invitation only on Feb 18 10am-12pm
Auditioners should prepare two contrasting monologues. The two monologues together should not total more than 2 minutes.
Email to secure an audition spot.
If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to make the scheduled times, please email for more details.

Space Junk
(A Studio Series Production)
By Cody Goulder
Directed by Luke Gomez

Performs: April 7-8, 14-15, 21-22 @ 7:30PM
April 9, 15 @ 2PM

Synopsis: Luke is having a bit of a crisis. He just broke up with his girlfriend, Jenny. This should be seen as a good thing until Luke gets cold feet. He is so scared of being alone, he’s called Jenny and decided to try to work things out. He’s got one night to fix this and have a romantic dinner to get his love life back on track. However, there is one problem. A mysterious metal object has crashed through his roof burying itself into his sofa and almost setting the apartment on fire. To make matters worse, the object keeps beeping and making strange noises.

Now, with the help of his former best friend Kaz, Luke has to take care of the still smoldering couch, figure out what to do with this mystery object from space, fend off the pair of FBI agents who has just shown up to investigate his home, hold back his personal, warm feelings to his medical student neighbor, and find a clean shirt all so he can make it to dinner on time to save a relationship he isn’t even sure he wants to save after all.


CAST: 3 men/ 3 women

LUKE POLLACK: Male, Late 20’s/Early 30’s.
- Luke is a sweet man who allows himself to live an average life. A simple insurance man, Luke is not ok with taking risks that sit outside of his comfort zone. Basically, he doesn’t like to be alone or do things along. He has recently lost his grandfather who is
was very close with and wants to make sense of a world that lacks order. He is kind, thoughtful but also beats himself up way too much. He unconsciously defines his self worth by other people, notably his girlfriend. At the start of the play, Luke is trying to
reconnect with his ex for the third time thinking this will be the one that sticks. He has the best intentions but can be highly stressed out, inadvertently selfish, and is in need of a life shaking reality check at times.

KAZ COMINSKY: Male, Late 20’s/Early 30’s.

- A bit of slob, kind of oafish, but lovable in his own way, Kaz is Luke’s former best friend. Former because Kaz and Luke recently “terminated” their friendship over Luke’s insane need to be with his ex. Not that Kaz has much direction in his life but he is trying to get
his ducks in a row. He has laid the foundation for his own success. However, his first priority is his friends especially Luke. They have been through a lot together and Kaz is sick of seeing Luke get hurt whether it is his fault or not. Kay may not always be forthcoming with information but he is never malicious or rude unless someone deserves it. At the start of the play, Kaz, who is taking his friend-break up to heart, has come to the apartment to give back Luke’s stuff.

JAY-LEE SHOEHOUSER: Female, Late 20’s/Early 30’s

- Luke’s ex girlfriend. She dated Luke for almost 4 years straight before starting a two year run off on again/off again antics. Not a terrible person, Jay-Lee’s most critical flaw is her unwillingness to see beyond herself. She is selfish and vane but is not intentionally
manipulative. Coming from a rich family and good life, Jay-Lee has lived with exceptions of her herself and for herself. He wants to be waited on and be shown the promise of life. However, she is highly intelligent and not one to play fools. She does love Luke and has broken up with him for silly reasons. However, the last break up involved her fear of expectations. The whole “why am I actually dating you?” type reason. However, Jay-Lee isn’t comfortable with uncertainty. While she contacts Luke to check in on him, and is
honest, she is also unaware. Not the monster Kaz would describe her as but a girl who really isn’t 100% sure what she is looking for and lets impulse and behavior patterns dictate how her life should play out. She is on her way to the Macaroni Grill to meet up with Luke at the start of the play.


Adrian has zero time for nonsense and doesn’t play the game. Most of the week, Adrian works as an ER nurse and has seen too much heartache, trauma, joy, and sadness to make assumptions. Adrian rarely gets out much, not because she isn’t social but because she chose to make her career a point long ago. Most of the time, Adrian can be found taking care of patients or at home in her bathrobe with cool Jazz on. In fact, Adrian is away from home so much, she asks Luke to pick up the mail from time to time. Adrian does care about Luke as a friend. Even if her actions might suggest a closer bond, Adrian knows he is not ready and may just be waiting from him to see he deserves better. Adrian is the kind of person you would go in the trenches with as she is hard working, focused, and direct. She would make an excellent foil for Luke. At the start of the play, Adrian is coming home from a two day shift in the ER. She is tired and is pretty much focus on getting into a bath and sleeping. But, she’s also no idiot.

AGENT FRANCIS BOYLE: Male, Late 30’s/Early 40’s

On the surface, Agent Francis Boyle is all suave, intimidation, and poise; the makings of a hallmark FBI agent. Then he opens his mouth and you can see how green he really is. Fresh to the department, Francis thinks he knows how to play the game. He has seen enough FBI agents on TV to know the situation and what to make of it. However, his performance elements are not for a lack of intelligence. He is actually very smart and well suited for the job. He just has zero people skills. He can come off as brash even when he doesn’t mean to. Francis is living in dream and now wants to make an impact. If he were describe a hero, it would be Kevin Costner in The Untouchables. Not Eliot Ness but Kevin Costner. A bit absent minded but direct and committed, Francis can be quick to assume but not so vain enough to not eventually use reason. He just wants to make a good first impression.

AGENT SHARON SAGE: Female, Late 30’s

Agent Sharon Sage is the Scully to Francis’ Mulder, no matter how much she’d like to forget it. She is a career FBI woman. She started in the academy young and made her way through the ranks. She is specialized in bio-chemistry and takes facts/evidence very seriously. She needs a clean space. She needs order to get all the facts. She doesn’t like to be disturbed. On the one hand, she puts up a hard shell to keep other male agents from thinking she’s just another pretty face. On the other, she totally loves her work and is fascinated by the cases she gets. At her heart, this case will confirm all the hidden neediness she has but she also knows to not get her hopes up. There needs to be proof. Confident, direct, and posed, Sharon’s greatest obstacle is trying not to let Francis entice her into a baby-sitting position. Sharon has zero patient for male bravado and is more interested in someone who might actually want to know her than just be a person of convenience.

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