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audition notice - THE BRIDGE INITIATIVE - January 8

The Bridge Initiative has several upcoming projects, three of which are set and two others with details TBA but we are looking to meet talent as the casting is very specific.

"The Flora and Fauna" - exploration of female friendship over 30 years
"Life Support" - a dysfunctional family copes with a terminal cancer diagnosis with the help of their doctor
"At the Store with My Daughter" - a Muslim woman and her daughter encounter an aggressively racist man
"White Pearl" - six women from six Asian countries collide in the boardroom of a whitening cream brand
"Honor Killing" - an American reporter investigates a murder in Pakistan

Auditions BY APPOINTMENT. Please contact us at for an appointment time. If you are unable to contact us, you are welcome to come by during our timeframe but we cannot guarantee we will be able to fit you in.

WHERE: Mesa Encore Theatre, 933 E Main Street, Mesa AZ
WHEN: Sunday, January 8th, 12-4pm (by appointment)
TO PREPARE: Sides will be provided

"The Flora and Fauna" by Alyson Mead
Development workshop with the playwright and NYC director Stefanie Sertich the week of February 20-26 at Mesa Community College. Anticipated rehearsals every weeknight as well as Saturday with 1-2 public readings projected (potentially at beginning and end of the week). We need seasoned actors willing and able to roll with a development environment where we anticipate change will be constant and the ability to make bold, quick choices and get off the page (not memorized) is key. If you have any questions about the workshop/development process, please don't hesitate to ask.
PAY: $200
AEA welcome. Planning to negotiate reading contract with the union.

ADELE, female, ranges from 67 to 39 during the course of the play. A nurturer.
GINNIE, female, ranges from 47 to 19 during the course of the play. Searching.

NOTE: Playwright hopes to cast actors of varying races, cultures, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, abilitiesand/or sexual/gender orientations.
"Life Support" by Madeline Leong
Fully staged production (minimal production values) directed by Daniela Talarico. To be presented at 4pm on Friday, February 24th, at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine's conference. Public performance at Mesa Encore Theatre on Saturday, February 25th, at 7:30pm. Rehearsals anticipated to be weeknights and Saturdays beginning January 23rd in Tempe.
PAY: $500

KARL EVANS (65): A businessman, teminal cancer patient
PEMBROKE "JACK" EVANS (28): Karl's son

ALREADY CAST (understudies welcome to audition):
DR. RACHEL LI (29): Karl's doctor
LORI EVANS (35): Karl's wife

NOTE: We are open to nontraditional casting for all roles.
"At the Store with My Daughter" by Rohina Malik
Single short scene to be read as part of "After Orlando" event at Phoenix Theatre, January 29th, with tech beginning at 3pm for 6pm reading. Directed by Tracy Liz Miller and Brenda Jean Foley. One additional rehearsal week of January 22nd, location TBD.
PAY: $25

NOOR: Muslim woman (older), might have a Middle Eastern dialect (optional)
SARA: Muslim woman (younger) - Noor's daughter. (Can be a child or a young woman)
MAN: non-Muslim

"White Pearl" by Anchuli King
Details TBA

PRIYA SINGH 26. Female. Indian-Singaporean. British/Mumbai accent with Singaporean inflections.
SUNNY LEE 24. Female. Chinese-Singaporean. American dudebro-speak, becomes more Singlish/Hokkien depending on her audience.
RUKI MINAMI 22. Female. Japanese. Noticeable Japanese accent. Crisp American English.
BUILT SUTTIKUL 23. Female. Thai-American. Californian. Verging on valley-girl.
SOO-JIN PARK 33. Female. South Korean. Strong Korean accent but excellent American English.
XIAO CHEN 29. Female. Chinese. The weakest English speaker.
MARCEL BENOIT 31. Male. Strong French accent, British English.
"Honor Killing"
Details TBA

Actor 1: ALLISYN DAVIS: 35, Caucasian American. A free-lance journalist; works for the NY Times. Graduated cum laude from Vassar, and has a PHD in journalism from Columbia University. Attractive, determined, intelligent, educated and privileged. Well travelled, worldly. Appears conservative, but has an open mind. Hides her vulnerability. Defiant, strong- willed, curious, and not easily contained.
Actor 2: BENTLEY ADAMS: 36, Caucasian American. Journalist. Harvard grad; double major in business and journalism. Hails from a wealthy family in Georgia. Incredibly driven, he's quickly climbing the ranks at The New York Times. An attractive, ambitious, hard worker- seemingly open-minded and democratic- despite his upbringing. Strong-minded and incredibly capable- he is Allisyn's true equal.
Actor 3: MEHREEN: 35, Pakistani lawyer and activist. (FEMALE)
IMMIGRATION OFFICER: 35-40, Pakistani Immigration Officer at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, Pakistan.
Actor 4: MOHAMMAD IJAAZ: 45-55, Husband of the deceased, Samira Tasneem. Seemingly bereft, wife was brutally murdered in front of him. Pakistani. ABBAS: 35-45, Pakistani stringer
Actor 5: MUZAFFAR KHAN: 40, Samira’s Lawyer. Pakistani. Educated- but not elite. The people’s lawyer. RAJA MAHMOOD (Consular Agent): 35-40, Pakistani. Answers to Consul General, Shahreyar Zasar.
Actor 6: SHAHREYAR ZASAR: 40-50, Pakistani Consul General to Dubai. Elegant, educated, diplomatic and cutting. A traditionalist.
Actor 7: MELISSA DAVIS: 37, Caucasian American. Allisyn’s sister. Pretty, reserved. Is stronger than she looks. BBC NEWS REPORTER: Female, British
Actor 8: EDWARD EVANS:, 50-65, NY Times Bureau Chief (London)

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