Friday, December 23, 2016

National Theatre Live screenings at Mesa Community College

MCC Theatre & Film Arts announces it's spring NT Live screenings
For Tickets and Information Visit:

No Man's Land - January 27th @ 7:30PM

The Deep Blue Sea - February 3rd @ 7:30PM

Amadeus - March 3rd @ 7:30PM

Saint Joan - March 4th @ 7:30PM

Hedda Gabler - March 24th @ 7:30PM

National Theatre Live is the National Theatre’s ground-breaking project to broadcast world-class theatre to cinemas in the UK and internationally. National Theatre Live launched in June 2009 with a broadcast of the National Theatre production of Ph├Ędre with Helen Mirren. They’ve since broadcast more than forty other productions live, from both the National Theatre and from other theatres in the UK. Their broadcasts have now been experienced by over 5.5 million people in over 2,000 venues around the world, including over 650 venues in the UK alone.

Though each broadcast is filmed in front of a live audience in the theatre, cameras are carefully positioned throughout the auditorium to ensure that cinema audiences get the ‘best seat in the house’ view of each production. Where these cameras are placed is different for each broadcast, to make sure that cinema audiences enjoy the best possible experience every time.

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