Tuesday, November 15, 2016

JustUs Theater is requesting submissions for Original Scripts

from our friends at JustUs Theater:

JustUs Theater is a group comprised of old theater friends who have performed over the years throughout the Valley of the Sun. We came together a short while back to do theater for 'just us!' But as things developed we began looking to bring back theater that is dedicated predominantly to the LGBT community. Theater that entertains, but also makes people 'think' (yet without the angst of 'The Boys in the Band' and the 'everybody hates us' type plays.) We also have need of more talented actors, directors and others.

Our goal is to present theater that entertains while it brings life and light to those people and subjects who all to often do not have a voice of their own. And in light of the recent election, we see this need as even more pressing now. Perhaps just as pressing as it was in the beginning of the 1970's and 80's.

While not all members are LGBT, we are a group where anyone can exist and participate in ease, comfort and creativity.

Our goal is to reach out to predominantly local, Arizona playwrights and artists who also want to give voice to 'think globally, act locally'.

We are soliciting plays for small casts that can be done in a smaller space, that are: 1) entertaining and 2) have value to the community. We acknowledge that there are theaters that do occasionally  perform LGBT material, but we would like it as our staple.

What we are looking for: Original Scripts that run 30 to 90 minutes. Subjects can range from historical to contemporary, any subject is welcomed, but we are looking for scripts that 'speak' for those who are not in the main-stream of life.

Submission deadline is December 31st.  Performances will begin in February and will be ongoing.

Because we are an all volunteer group, operating under our own funds, we do not offer payment of royalty or stipend to actors or writers.

We are of course in need of donations of any time or materials that any theater needs to operate. And I'm sure it goes without saying that if you cannot support us with your time or talents, your cash is always welcomed and needed.

Interested writers, actors, directors, financial angels and techies should contact Mario Magana 321-986-9078 for more information and submissions.

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