Thursday, November 3, 2016

cast announcement - THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD - Tuscany Theatre Company

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs January 5th to January 14th

Hillary Low: Miss Alice Nutting / Edwin Drood
Monse Himler: Miss Angela Prysock / Princess Puffer
AJ Marshall: Miss Deirdre Peregrine / Rosa Bud
Allyson Igielski: Miss Janet Conover / Helena Landless
Heidi Carpenter: Miss Joyce Throttle
Macy Wood: Miss Nicky Cricker / Deputy
Skyler Cully: Miss Isabel Yearsley / Wendy/Citizen
Tina Reynolds: Miss Florence Gill / Beatrice/Citizen
Katie Bennett: Miss Gwendolyn Pynn / Citizen/Maid
Sophie Lewis: Miss Violet Balfour / Citizen/Dancer
Erin McFeely: Miss Sarah Cook / Citizen
Amy Smyth: Miss Cristabel Lyon / Citizen
Chris Dennis: The Chairman
Jared Kitch: Mr. Clive Paget / John Jasper
Anson Romney: Mr. Victor Grinstead / Nevill Landless
Zackary Diepstraten: Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe / The Rev. Mr. Crisparkle
Matt Snell: Mr. Nick Cricker / Durdles
Danny Blankemeier: Mr. Phillip Bax / Bazzard
Travis Bovard: Mr. Montague Pruitt / Citizen/Horace

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