Monday, November 7, 2016

cast announcement - A CHRISTMAS STORY THE MUSICAL - Arizona Broadway Theatre

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs November 25th to December 18th


Chanel Bragg (ensemble)

Michelle Chin (ensemble)

Ian Connor (ensemble)

Marty Craft (ensemble)

Trey DeGroodt (ensemble)

Barret Harper (ensemble)

David Johnson (The Old Man)

Alyssa McGuigan (Miss Shields)

Carolyn McPhee (Mother)

Andy Meyers (Jean Shepherd/Narrator)

Emily Rhein (ensemble)

Bonnie Beus Romney (ensemble)

Meggie Siegrist (ensemble)

Phil Sloves (ensemble)


Corban Adams (Randy)

Lyda Armistead (Mary Beth)

Sarah Astrowsky (School Girl)

Zachary Astrowsky (Schwartz)

Kameron Cochrane (Flick)

Evan Culbertson (Scut Farcus)

Easton Dana (Ralphie)

Jacob Deal (Grover Dill)

Emma Domakeczna (Esther Jane)

Amy Fishencord (School Boy)

Cyrus Hilding (Randy)

Sabrina Kiepke (School Girl)

Tristan Klaphake (Ralphie)

Caelan Koth (Flick)

Makayla Kovac (Nancy)

Kai Nunziato-Cruz (Schwartz)

Kieran Klaphake (Scut Farcus)

Jacob Shipley (Grover Dill)

Abbey Spanko (School Boy)

Zoey Waller (Mary Beth)

Callista Walker (Esther Jane)

Shannon Whitten (Nancy)

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  1. Corban Adams, Papa and I are so proud of you and your wonderful talent and hard work. We love you very much and wish only the best for you. See you soon. Love, Yaya