Saturday, November 12, 2016

audition notice - GET A CLUE OR DIE - Murder and a Meal Dinner Theatre - November 19

Director: Jarryd Chick

Compensation: Stipend Pay

Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. It’s Mr. Boddee’s birthday and he may not survive the night

Character Breakdown

Mr. Boddee/Stoo – (Boddee) The host of the party. Very wealthy. Cocky, anger problem, knows Scarlett is only with him for his money, but is okay with it. (Stoo) He is southern and not very bright.

Miss Scarlett – Mr Boddee’s finace. Attractive, unintelligent, annoying. Gold digger, only with Boddee for his money. Your goal is to make the audience want to hit you for being so annoying.

Mustard – The spy of the show. Think Maxwell Smart. Not the brightest bulb in the box. He thinks he is at Boddee’s party just to collect “top secret documents.”

Mrs. Peacock – Plum’s sister and always in a state of inebriation. Never met a drink she didn’t like. Loud and a little bit of a slur.

The Butler – The able bodied butler and friend of Mr Boddee. Arrogant, funny, and irritable with stupid people. Basically makes sure the shows stays running as it should.

Mr. Green – Mr Green is the landscaper for Mr Boddee. He is gay and the only person that doesn’t know it is his Aunt, Mrs White. Hits on Boddee and other male audience members.

Prof Plum – Brother to Peacock. Nerdy, higher pitched voice, cocky. Basically thinks his intelligence makes him better than everyone else. Big wimp when it comes down to it.

What To Prepare

Cold read

Audition Details

Orange Tree Golf Resort
10601 N 56th St
Scottdale, Arizona

56th St and Shea

Headshots/Resume Optional
By Appointment: Phone or Email
Appointment Contact
(602) 330-7140

Audition Dates and Times:
Nov 19th - 12:00pm-4:00pm
Callback Dates and Times:

Primary Contact:
Jarryd Chick
(602) 330-7140

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