Thursday, November 10, 2016

audition notice - FOREVER PLAID - Desert Stages Theatre - November 17


Show Dates: January 13-February 12, 2017
Show Times: Thurs-Sat at 7:30pm and Sun at 2pm

When:  Thursday, Nov 17 at 7pm. Prepare 16-32 bars. Bring sheet music, accompanist will be provided. Be prepared to sing and read from the show.

FRANKIE: Second tenor-Lyric Baritone. The leader, confident but humble, and always taking care of the rest of the group. He has asthma, which occasionally acts up if the tempo is too fast or if the choreography is too intense. Despite being humble, he is a “Romantic Crooner.”

SPARKY: Baritone. He is the clown and is always looking to crack a joke. He wears a retainer and has a slight lisp or speech impediment. Despite his speech, he loves telling stories and relishes every word he says. Also, he often repeats himself because of how fast he speaks.

 JINX: Tenor. He is shy, and always terrified of being on stage. He often forgets what song or dance move is next. He is Sparky’s stepbrother. The other members of the group are very protective of him. He gets an occasional nose bleed when he sings above an ‘A.’

 SMUDGE: Bass. He worries about everything from the props, to the running order, to the audience not liking him. Suffers from a chronic nervous stomach, and is very reluctant to perform. He is also dyslexic, and wears glasses. Underneath his glasses, however, is a great deal of good looks and sex appeal.

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