Thursday, October 13, 2016

cast announcement - SCROOGE IN ROUGE - Mesa Encore Theatre

by Ricky Graham and Jefferson Turner

Katy Callie: Vesta Virile/Scrooge          
Jonathan Perry Brown: Miss Lottie Obbligato        
Roger Prenger: Mr. Charlie Schmaltz          

Jean-Paoul C. Clemente       Director
Tristan Peterson-Steinert     Musical Direction
Jason K. Walz                           Producer
Nathan Taylor                           Choreography Assistant
Cheryl Briley                              Stage Manager                  
Amanda Holt                             Props                                    
Joe Navan                                 Hair/Make up
Pam Pershing                           Costumes                            
Matt Stetler                               Lighting Design
JT Turner                                   MET Director of Marketing

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs December 2nd to December 18th

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