Saturday, October 22, 2016

cast announcement - IN THE VILLAGE OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM - Youth Works at Theater Works

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs November 4th to November 20th

Elie Anthony: Silly Goose, Elfin, Jessup
Noah Consalvo: Karl, Social Goose, Onilde, Johan, Neely
Emilio Cress: Abel, Woody, Parson Braun
Drake Current: Fox, Hans, King Good, Childer
Emily Diab: Clever Alice, Annaliese, Sonorous Goose, Alder
Hailey Forbis: Yohna, Gretchen, Malinda, Simple Goose
Jacklynn Haughn: Narrator 2
Nicole Hedges: Narrator 1
Elizabeth Meek: Sexton White, Timberly, Soulful Goose, Maleen
Elyse Mielke: Lizilia, Liesl, Crying Princess Esmerelda
Alec Pursell: Joringel, Fritz, Simpleton
Jayla Quartullo: Elvina, Gertrude, Annika
Ilse Reisert: Jorinda’s Mother, Elsa, Serioso Goose, Olga
Ryley Grace Youngs: Jorinda, Brunhilda, Odd Person

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