Wednesday, October 12, 2016

cast announcement - GUYS AND DOLLS - Scottsdale Musical Theater Company

SMTC is proud to announce the following casting for our upcoming production of Guys & Dolls Jan. 5-8 at Tempe Center for the Arts

Matt Newhard - Sky Masterson
Lauren Koeritzer - Sarah Brown
Alex Gonzalez - Nathan Detroit
Liora Danine - Adelaide
Hector Coris - Nicely, Nicely Johnson
Bill Diekmann - Arvide Abernathy
Michael Schauble - Benny Southstreet
Kevin Fenderson - Rusty Charlie
Jeff Viso - Lt. Brannigan
Bob Downing - Big Jule
Todd Corbeil - Harry the Horse
Danica Rocha - General Cartwright

Hot Box Girls - Allyse Bridges, Hillary Conrad, Kate Maniuszko, Ashley Nebeker, Laurel Schweitzer, Lexi Tronzo

The rest of the Guys & Dolls - Robert Andrews, Siarah Aysien, Melissa Kamel, Bill Kane, Max Mashal, Chris Reah, Saundra Wilson and Rebecca Zaner

CLICK HERE for more information and to order tickets

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