Friday, October 14, 2016

cast announcement - GOOD 'N' PLENTY - Mesa Community College Theatre & Film Arts

CLICK HERE for more information on this production, which runs December 2nd to December 10th 

Ryan Marcham: Richard Miller
Zach Fagan: Ed Renzelli, Pete Caleodis, Big Bob Kettlewell & Mickey Parker
Dolores Mendoza: Glenda Dunlope, Penny Stenger, and Mrs. Burchfield
Tom J. McCoy: John Hunt, Albert Kundrat, Dr. Mavermatis and Teen Editor
Steven May: Elvis Crothers, the Kettlewell Twins and Superintendent Harasick
Anthony Muldrow: Ronald Bridges, Tyrrell Mayberry, Ryan and Security Guard
Brittney Watson: Kim MacQuown, Roanne Porter and Miss Borkowski- Brittney Watson
Samantha Hanna: Cindy Hlivko and Margie Scovronski

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