Wednesday, October 26, 2016

audition notice - ON GOLDEN POND - Ghostlight Theatre - November 12

Auditions for On Golden Pond will take place on Sat. Nov 12th at 3pm at Ghostlight Theatre.

Come prepared to perform cold reads.  You can bring a monologue to present if you would like.


Norman Thayer - Norman is a retired college professor, who describes himself as being "older than dirt."  He is set in his ways, and hard to get along with.  He has a dry wit, and he enjoys having fun at others' expense.  He also uses his wit and intellect to mask his growing infirmities.

Ethel Thayer - Ethel is Norman's wife, and is several years younger than Norman.  She is happy, outgoing, and content.   Intelligent and well grounded, she has been content to defer to Norman on many issues without losing her own identity

Chelsea Thayer Wayne - The only daughter of Norman and Ethel, she has a difficult relationship with her parents. She has never gotten along with Norman, and she feels that Ethel always takes Norman's side of things.

Billy Ray - The dentist to whom Chelsea is engaged.  Bill has a thirteen year old son, Billy.  Prior to becoming a teenager, Billy has spent more time with his mother than with Bill.  Billy will now be living with his father, who is becoming very satisfied with new-found changes in his life, both on personal and professional fronts.

Charlie Martin - A native of Golden Pond, Maine.  He is close in age to Chelsea, and has always liked her.  Growing up, he saw Chelsea as a pretty, mysterious city girl, and he was fascinated with her. He is the mailman for Golden Pond, having taken over those duties from his uncle.

Bill Ray Jr.  - Thirteen years old, but precocious and worldly for his age.  Billy is intelligent, but suspicious and guarded.  At this point in his life, he has not spent a lot of time with his father, or any male role model.  Billy recognizes that he has been passed back and forth between his parents out of necessity, but has not really been "raised" by either of them.

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