Monday, October 10, 2016

audition notice - MEMPHIS - Theater Works - November 5 & 6


Casting Call for African-American Principals

Director Phillip Fazio.

Please prepare 2, 32 bar selections from a pop or R&B song in the style of the show.

Auditions: November 5th & 6th by appointment.

Appointments can be made by CLICKING HERE

Video submissions are acceptable if sung with accompaniment. No a capella video submissions will be reviewed. Please submit videos to

Stipend pay of $100.00 for the production.

No AEA contracts available.

Rehearsals begin February 18, 2017.

Production runs March 24th-April 9th 2017.

Auditions for additional roles to be held at a later date.

This auditions is for the following roles;


Felicia: (African-American, Plays 20-35) Beautiful, wide-eyed, and a fiercely gifted singer, follows her heart and falls in love with Huey, despite knowing deep down that a relationship between a white man and a black woman in prejudiced Memphis is doomed. (Vocal range: high R&B belt voice, G3-A5)

Delray: (African-American, Plays 35-45), Felicia’s older brother who owns the club on Beale Street where she sings, realistic, cautious, protective, and aware of the realities of the segregation that exists in Memphis and the world beyond. (Vocal range: baritenor with a great pop/rock/R&B voice, Bb2-Bb4)

Gator: (African-American, Plays 35-45), works as a bartender at Delray’s, hasn’t spoken since age 5, when he saw his father killed, as the story progresses, he finds his voice again, must be an excellent actor and singer and move well, comic timing a plus. (Vocal Range: great R&B baritenor, F#3-A4)

Bobby: (African-American, Plays 20-35) The janitor at Mr. Simmons’s radio station, full of personality and heart, role requires an actor who must dance well, as the character has a dance break in his show-stopping number “Big Love,” comic skills a plus. (Vocal range: great gospel voice, G3-C5)

Wailin Joe: (African-American, Plays 20-40), Wailin’ Joe sings “Scratch My Itch” and is featured in both Act 1 and Act 2, must also dance very well. (Vocal Range: excellent tenor voice, Eb3-Gb5)


Beale Street Male Dancer-Singers (5): (Chorus / Ensemble: African American, to play teenagers) excellent dancers with great R&B/rock voices; comic abilities, partnering, and tumbling a plus. (Vocal Range: (baritenors/tenors B2-B4)

Beale Street Female Dancer-Singers (5): (Chorus / Ensemble: African-American, to play teenagers) excellent dancers, great soulful R&B/rock voices, athletic and fierce, comic ability and partnering a plus, “Double Dutch” experience a plus. (Vocal Range: (altos/sopranos A3-A5)

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