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audition notice - JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT - Fountain Hills Theater - November 13 & 15

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical re-telling of Joseph’s biblical story is a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll! The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life in this delightful musical parable. Joseph, his father’s favorite son, is a boy blessed with prophetic dreams. When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. He is purchased by Potiphar where thwarting advances from Potiphar’s wife lands him in jail.

When news of Joseph’s gift to interpret dreams reaches the Pharaoh (wryly and riotously depicted as Elvis), Joseph is well on his way to becoming second in command. Eventually his brothers, having suffered greatly, unknowingly find themselves groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed but no longer recognize. After testing their integrity, Joseph reveals himself leading to a heartfelt reconciliation of the sons of Israel. Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock ‘n’ roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless.

Audition Dates: 
Sunday, November 13th at 6pm and Tuesday, November 15th at 7pm
Callbacks: Wednesday, November 16th if needed

Production dates: Friday, January 20th - Sunday, February 5th
Possible extension through Sunday, February 12th
Performances: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm

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or call (480) 837-9661 x3

Auditioners should prepare:
- 16 to 32 bars of a song that best shows off their voice
- Bring sheet music in appropriate key. No CD’s
- Dress to move for dance audition.
- Headshot and resume if available
- List of possible rehearsal conflicts (Tentative schedule available here)

Narrator (Stage age 18+): The Narrator is a storyteller who is sharing a wonderful tale with the children, their families and the wider audience. She needs to be a strong singer who can draw the audience into the saga of Joseph and his brothers, showing what shapes them into the men they were destined to become. (Vocal Range – Low F# to High G)

Mrs. Potiphar (Stage age 30+): Mrs. Potiphar is an indulgent woman who likes to get her own way, and thinks first and foremost about her own personal gratification. She needs to be a confident mover/dancer, who is comfortable moving in a seductive manner. She will also be a part of the women’s chorus.

10 Women: varying age, size, and ethnicity for the roles of wives, mothers, handmaidens, featured dancers, and chorus.

Joseph: (Stage age – 18+) Joseph is the male lead. He needs to be able to mature from ~18 to 40ish over the course of the show. Joseph begins as a cocky teenager who, through dealing with life’s adversities, becomes a humble man and a true leader. He needs to be a strong singer and actor. (Vocal Range – Low A to High G)

Jacob: (Stage age – 50+) Jacob is the father of Joseph and his 11 brothers. He clearly favors Joseph as the first son of his favorite wife, unwittingly causing the friction that exists between Joseph and his brothers. Jacob needs to be a good actor, who can sing and move reasonably well. He may also be a part of the men’s chorus. (Vocal Range – Low A to C)

11 brothers: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Napthali, Issachar, Asher, Dan, Zebulon, Gad, Benjamin & Judah (Stage ages 16 – 30s)
Joseph’s 11 brothers, who were born of 4 different mothers (two wives and two handmaidens), are jealous of Joseph and the fact that he is clearly their father’s favorite son. As brothers they band together and gang up on Joseph to get rid of him thinking it will make their lives better. Some brothers may double as other male roles, depending on need. All need to be strong singers, as well as good dancers and actors.

Reuben: sings “One More Angel in Heaven” – (Vocal Range – Low B to High F)

Simeon: sings “Those Canaan Days” – (Vocal Range – C to High Eb)

Judah: sings “Benjamin Calypso” – (Vocal Range – F to High F)

Pharaoh: (Stage age 30s/40s) Pharaoh is the leader of Egypt and a very self-important man. He sings an Elvis-style song, “Song of the King” and is very comfortable having adoring fans. He needs to be a strong singer and actor and a good dancer/mover. (Vocal Range – Low B to High G#)

Potiphar: (Stage age 40+) Potiphar is a wealthy, self-indulgent man. He needs to be a strong actor as well as a good singer. (Vocal Range – D to B)

Butler & Baker: (Stage Age 25+) The Butler and the Baker both work for the Pharaoh. They need be good singers and will also be part of the chorus.

Children’s Roles: 20–25 Chorus roles for boys and girls (stage ages 8-15) The chorus will be on stage for the majority of the show.

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