Tuesday, September 27, 2016

audition notice - THE JIMMY JENKINS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! - Ghostlight Theatre - October 9

The Jimmy Jenkins Christmas Special!

Auditions:  Oct 9th at 5pm

Rehearsals: October 23-November 30

Performances: December 1-December 11

Set in 1949 New York City, the Jimmy Jenkins Christmas Special is an old-fashioned musical comedy in the vein of Singing in the Rain or Holiday Inn.

Jimmy and the rest of the Jimmy Jenkins Variety Hour are about to take a long-awaited holiday hiatus, when the network tells Jimmy his show is to be cancelled! Thinking quickly, Jimmy convinces the VP to let them put on their Christmas Special. The only problem: they don't have a Christmas Special! Jimmy has to frantically put together a last-minute special in an effort to save his show and the jobs of his cast and crew. Filled to the brim with favorite Christmas songs, this show is bound to be a holiday hit!

Character Breakdown:

Jimmy Jenkins - Lead Role. 25-45, Baritone. The host of the Jimmy Jenkins Variety Hour, high-strung but with his heart in the right place. A comedic showman onstage who has to keep everything from falling apart offstage.

Melody Margaret Jones - Lead Role. 18-25, Mezzo Soprano. An Oklahoma farm girl who dreams of being a performer. A bus ride to New York City leaves her a small fish in a very big pond.

Gloria - Lead Role. 20-50, Soprano. A New York singer and longtime cast member of the Jimmy Jenkins Variety Hour who thinks the world revolves around her. Not shy about her (unrequited) love for Jimmy.

Sam - Lead Role. 18-40, Baritone. Jimmy's stage manager and right hand man, who is normally behind the scenes but is forced to fill in as a performer to keep the show alive.

Karl Blankengruber - 30-50, Non singing role. The network Vice President of Programming, who has it in his mind to cancel Jimmy's show, leaving room in the schedule for more "modern" fare.

Ensemble - Any Age/Voice Type. The cast and crew of the Jimmy Jenkins Variety Hour

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