Tuesday, August 30, 2016

the ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence announce new procedures for Nominees

from our friends at the Zoni's:

NEW PROCEDURES for Nominees!

One of the many changes we are making to the Celebration this year is an effort to make the ceremony run even more smoothly. In an effort to limit breaks in the ceremony where we wait to find out if a recipient is coming to the stage or not, we are implementing TWO new procedures.

1.) NOMINEES WHO ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE CELEBRATION: If you already know you WILL NOT be attending the ariZoni Celebration on September 19, PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill out this form by September 1

This will give us early notification we can share with our presenters so they will know not to wait for someone who isn't at the ceremony.

2.) ATTENDEES WHO ARE ATTENDING: Please CHECK IN at the nominee table when you arrive at the theater on September 19. This is our second double check for attendees. If you do not check in AND you have not submitted a Non-Attendee form, we will, FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, wait a few seconds for you to respond if you win.

In future years, those who do not check in will be assumed absent from the ceremony and a short announcement will be read up on the reading of your name as a winner noting that you were not able to attend the ceremony.

Your attention to these procedures will help make the ceremony run much more smoothly (and more on time) and will be greatly appreciated by the celebration producers AND attendees.

THANK YOU so much for your help.

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