Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PHX Stages' founder Gil Benbrook to receive a Zoni Award for PHX Stages!

Gil Benbrook, founder of PHX Stages, will be the recipient of the Kyle Lawson Outstanding Contribution Award at this year's ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence celebration for the creation of PHX Stages.

from the ariZoni organization: "Upon moving to Phoenix two years ago, Gil Benbrook became enamored with the variety and quality of theater in the Valley, but he was frustrated trying to find information about productions. Data was scattered throughout each theater's own website, or mixed in with listings of thousands of other live performances such as dance, bands, comedians, etc. With the short runs of many shows he was often disappointed to find out about a show AFTER it had already closed. That is how Phoenix Stages was born. On this website theater lovers can see what is playing each weekend, what is getting ready to close and what is getting ready to open. They can learn about auditions, classes--anything to do with Phoenix theater...all in one location. Gil is all inclusive and promotes all theatre from youth through professional theatre and theaters big and small. He is a great voice for the theatre community we all live in and that is why he is the recipient of this year's Kyle Lawson Outstanding Contribution Award."

Gil's response: "I'm so excited and honored that I've been selected to receive the Kyle Lawson Outstanding Contribution Award at this year's ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence celebration. I couldn't be more excited to be recognized for my hard work in coming up with the idea for PHX Stages, and for how it has grown into a resource for theatregoers and theatre lovers across the Valley, but also for the fact that the award has been renamed this year in Kyle's honor. Not only is Kyle a man who has given so much to the theatre community in Phoenix and also someone who is admired by so many people, still years after he retired, but he was a fellow theatre critic who for so many years championed the community and someone I look up to immensely and strive to emulate every day and in every review I write."

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