Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mesa Encore Theatre seeks Directors for their new Black Box Space

from our friends at MET:

Mesa Encore Theatre is ready to begin programming the 2016 – 2017 Black Box Season in the brand new space at 933 E. Main St, Mesa.

If you are an experienced and motivated Director please CLICK HERE to fill out the form to submit one or more straight plays that YOU would like to direct. This is an excellent chance for you to propose a show you have always wanted to direct, and MET will produce it with full production values. All submissions will be considered, with preference given to dramas, dark comedies, newer plays, and edgy works that don’t play well in larger theatres. Directors must have some experience and a vision for their production. No musicals or variety shows will be considered at this time. Please keep in mind when submitting a play that the MET Black Box is a small, intimate space that cannot accommodate major set changes.

Each production will include approximately 6 weeks of rehearsal in our secondary rehearsal space, a full tech week on the stage, and at least 9 performances that will span three weekends: Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon, with the potential for a Saturday matinee. The shows will be fully produced with set, props, lighting, sound, and costumes, in our intimate, 55-seat Black Box Theatre with full technical support. The “Slot(s)” field is for the three weekends the show would run. You may select more than one slot. The available show slots are:

12/2/16 to 12/18/16
2/3/17 to 2/19/17
4/14/17 to 4/30/17
6/2/17 to 6/16/17

(please note – these are the actual show run periods – auditions, rehearsal, and tech will take place during the weeks prior)

If you are interested in directing at the MET Black Box please CLICK HERE to fill out and submit the following form – required fields are noted as such. You may submit up to three plays.  You may optionally attach your resume to the form. All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee; those that present the best opportunity for both MET and the Director will move forward.

This is a paid position – The Director will be paid a stipend of $500 which may be augmented by a percentage of the net income from ticket sales. These details, among others, will be discussed upon selection.

Thank you!

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