Saturday, August 20, 2016

cast announcement - SEUSSICAL, THE MUSICAL - Desert Stages Theatre

for more information on this production, which runs September 30th to October 30th, CLICK HERE

Cat in the Hat: Rob Dominguez
Gertrude McFuzz: Stephanie Spencer
Horton the Elephant: Joshua Michel
Jojo: Isaac Speyer
Mayzie LaBird: Mara Frumkin
Sour Kangaroo: Jackie Horn
Who/Mr. Mayor: To Be Announced
Who/Mrs. Mayor: Reagan Burows
General Gengis Khan Schmitz: Todd Corbeil
Bird Girl/Fish/Hunch: Quinlyn Ashlock
Bird Girl/Fish/Hunch: Cate Carlino
Bird Girl/Fish/Hunch: Ashley Rhoads
Bird Girl/Fish/Hunch: Erin Ross
Bird Girl/Fish/Hunch: Lacey Dixon
Wickersham/Hunch/Circus: Jack Yampolsky
Wickersham/Hunch/Circus: Ruben Ruyle
Wickersham/Hunch/Circus: Ethan Drew
Wickersham/Hunch/Circus: Alec Merrill
Wickersham/Hunch/Circus: Joshua Merrill
Wickersham/Hunch/Circus: Sophie Loeb
Jungle Citizen/Hunch/Circus: Melissa Kamel
Jungle Citizen/Hunch/Circus: Lauren Koeritzer
Jungle Citizen/Vlad Vladikoff/Hunch/cadet: Valenka Villalobos
Jungle Citizen/Yertle The Turtle/Hunch: Dani Topel
Jungle Citizen/Hunch/Cadet/Baby Kangaroo: Arielle Kutz
Jungle Citizen/Hunch/Cadet/Max the dog: Brady Fiscus
Jungle Citizen/Hunch/Cadet: Macie Wilbur
Who/Hunter/Circus/Grinch/Fish: Bryan Cameron
Who/Hunter/Circus/Fish: Marissa Chin
Who/Circus/Fish/Cadet/Child #2: Will Altermann
Who/Circus/Fish/Cadet/Cindy Lou: Sam Hizme
Who/Circus/Fish/Cadet/Child #1: Marissa Reaves
Who/Circus/Fish: Coryn Hendrix
Who/Circus/Fish: Christine Wolfe
Who/Circus/Fish: Susan Cooke
Who/Thing One/Fish: Kimberly Tippett
Who/Thing Two/Fish: Amanda Albrecht

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