Friday, August 26, 2016

audition notice - THREE NO TRUMP - Theater Works - September 21

from our friends at Theater Works:

Three No Trump by Cathy Dresbach
Director: Debra K Stevens

Auditions Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Auditions by Appointment CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW
Callbacks Monday, September 26, 2016

Rehearsals tentatively begin December 5th with breaks for the holidays.
Performances are January 13-29th. Rehearsals begin December 5th with breaks for holidays. A full performance calendar will be posted at the audition.
Stipend: $300.00 flat for rehearsal s and performances
No AEA contracts available.

Please Prepare: 2 contrasting comedic/dramatic, 60 second monologues.

We are casting for the following roles:

SARA: The true historian of the group, Sara is most likely to include the good news and the bad news in her journal entries. She doesn’t shy away from an argument, but is quick to forgive and supports all her friends without judgment. Happily married and casually elegant, she likes to entertain and be entertained by “the ladies of the club” and all their quirks.

SHIRLEY: The hostess. Shirley is divorced and the only member of the group in the dating game. She is a reader and a perpetual student who loves to improve the others’ lives with newly discovered information. Frugal to a fault and straight-laced, her attire is very conservative and somewhat out of fashion because she never throws anything away.

MARGE Married and a devout Catholic, Marge is the peacemaker. She doesn’t particularly care who wins or loses – except when it comes to her beloved Phoenix Suns. She is a rabid fan and wears the mantle proudly. Her other passions include music and dogs. She dresses for Bohemian comfort rather than style.

PHYLLIS: The unsentimental wise-cracker. Phyllis appears tough, but has a deep affection for her dear friends. She is the most competitive Bridge player and wants the others to take the game as seriously as she does. She is divorced and somewhat of a crazy cat lady. Her attire is thrift-store chic with a flair for the unusual or re-purposed accessory.

BOBBY JO: The substitute. A novice player compared to the others, Bobby Jo is a world traveler and the only one without a job. She is extremely well-off, but also down-to-earth and comes by her charming personality naturally – she is a Southerner, after all. She is tastefully well dressed and wears equally tasteful, expensive jewelry. She may be the youngest of the group, or perhaps, just looks youngest because she’s had a little work done.

Auditions will be held at: Peoria Center for the Performing Arts (8355 W Peoria Ave., Peoria, AZ 85345)

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