Thursday, July 14, 2016

The ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence is currently accepting Scholarship applications and nominations for their Community Services Awards

The ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence is pleased to announce that nominations are currently being accepted for the Outstanding Contribution Award, the Distinguished Service Award, and the new Excellence in Stage Management Award.

The Outstanding Contribution Award honors an individual from within the theatre community who has served in a profound way through personal investment of time, energy, vision and talent.  This award can be bestowed upon administrators, directors, writers, producers, designers, actors, technicians, volunteers, support staff, or any individual involved in theatre who has made a considerable impact on theatre throughout the entire valley. This individual needs to have shown great vision for theatre in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and have been of exceptional service to theatre, individuals and the community at large.

The Distinguished Service Award honors an individual, corporation, or organization outside the established theatre community that has contributed either financially or non-traditionally, in support of local theatre, and its further recognition, security and growth in the Valley.  The recipient needs to have impacted many and all types of theatres.

The Excellence in Stage Management Award honors a stage, company or production manager within our local theatre community who has gone above and beyond their job duties, throughout the course of their body of work. This individual truly exemplifies the best qualities of a stage manager: patience, diplomacy, organization and a sense of humor.

In addition to these community awards, the ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence is accepting application for its Educational Scholarships, given to an individual who is studying in all areas of theatre.  These individuals need to be nominated by an ariZoni participating theatre.

Details, applications and nomination forms are available on our website at

 Help the ariZoni Committee honor those individuals who are making a difference in theatre in the valley as well as those budding thespians.  DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS AND NOMINATIONS IS AUGUST 15, 2016.

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