Monday, July 11, 2016

The Arizona Young Actors' Alliance's 2016 AYAA Awards

The Arizona Young Actors' Alliance is extremely excited to start accepting nominations for the first ever AYAA Awards.

There are a lot of great awards programs in our area, but AYAA wanted to create an awards program where the people nominate and select winners just for young actors -- not necessarily just youth theatre. Youth rewarding youth.

So this awards program will have some classic awards, but it will also feature some more silly awards -- things you might use as high school superlatives.

Nominations began on July 6th and run until July 20th at Noon.

That night, AYAA will release the final list of nominees to be voted on until August 4th at MIDNIGHT! Winners will be announced on August 5th.

To place nominations for the AYAA Awards, head to this link.

To check out AYAA, click here

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