Friday, July 8, 2016

Nearly 360 donors have pledged $220,000 to keep Arizona Theatre Company alive

from our friends at Arizona Theatre Company:

Nearly 360 donors from Tucson and Phoenix have pledged or committed $220,000 toward Arizona Theatre Company’s fund-raising goal to enable ATC to produce its 2016-17 50th anniversary season.

As of Thursday evening, 213 Tucson donors and 145 from Phoenix had contributed to the effort to raise $2 million by Friday, July 15.  ATC announced on June 30 that Tucson business leader and board member Mike Kasser had guaranteed $1 million from the Tucson community if an equal amount can be raised through outreach efforts statewide.  An anonymous donor provided $100,000 as a separate donation to extend the fund-raising deadline to July 15.

Additional pledges and commitments are pending, according to Lynne Wood Dusenberry, chair of the ATC Board of Trustees.

 “We are encouraged by the response, but know we’re heading into the stretch run next week and we need to accelerate the momentum,” Dusenberry said.  “It’s wonderful to have both the Tucson and Phoenix communities behind us.”
ATC Managing Director Billy Russo said that “we remain highly optimistic but know that if the necessary funds are not raised, ATC’s options are very limited: Either we go on temporary hiatus to restructure the business model or close our doors. We are hopeful that the people of Arizona won’t let that happen.”

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