Tuesday, July 26, 2016

audition notice - 3C - Nearly Naked Theatre - August 1

NEARLY NAKED THEATRE will be holding auditions for the ARIZONA PREMIERE of
3C by David Adjmi directed by Damon Dering
COME & KNOCK ON OUR (BACK) DOOR Brad ends up in Connie & Linda’s kitchen after the Vietnam war and the three strike up an odd living arrangement (for the 70s) that has hilarious and devastating consequences... for EVERYONE. Inspired by “A Certain 70s Sitcom,” 1950s existential comedy, Chekov and even Disco anthems, 3C is a terrifying yet amusing look at a culture that likes to amuse itself, even as it teeters on the brink of ruin. It’s like Three’s Company if it were produced by HBO. On Acid. With PTSD. ~intended for mature audiences with very immature tastes!~
NOTE: Although based on a sitcom, this play is ANYTHING BUT. Some call it a “Dark Comedy” and some say its a “Really Creepy Satire” but either way, it is NOT for the lighthearted hobbiest. This is some seriously difficult acting. Be ready to take risks!
NEEDED 3 Men & 3 Women aged 18-60+ All actors must be “master memorizers” as the play’s overlapping dialog is very reminiscent of our production of COCK by Mike Bartlett. All of the “younger characters” also do some pretty awesome (or awesomeless) disco dancing.
CHARACTERS BRAD (male 20-35): Handsome and athletic, but a little worse-for-wear, Brad has been drifting since he returned home from Vietnam. He needs a place to stay and can pretend to be gay if it means living with these two nice girls. Now he has to figure out if he’s really pretending. (Actors may be asked to appear briefly in their underwear or swimsuit at auditions or callbacks). THIS ROLE REQUIES NUDITY.
LINDA (female 20-35): Neurotic, desperate and “definitely does not hate men in a lesbian sort of way.” She’s pretty unsure if this living arrangement will work... but what choice does she have? NOTE: This character has a VERY intimate scene akin to the “chicken leg” scene in ‘Killer Joe’. Although she is dressed, this actor needs to be VERY comfortable with onstage sexuality that has fairly “rapey” implications.
CONNIE (female 20-35): Free-spirited and pretty. Has trouble saying no to men. Fairly desperate for a date, and also desperate to pay the rent. (Actors may be asked to appear briefly in their underwear or swimsuit at auditions or callbacks). APPEARS IN A BIKINI.
MR. WICKER (male 50-60): “Mr. Roper” he’s not. He’s “OK” with a gay guy living in his complex with 2 girls, as long as the gay guy doesn’t get all gay with him. He’ll say anything if it’s politically incorrect, and he won’t fix the sink. NOTE: This character has a fairly creepy scene with Linda, which will require quite a bit of “comfortabilty” and respect to pull off appropriately.
MRS. WICKER (female 50-60): Too much make-up, too many caftans, too many pills. Think “Mrs. Roper” if she were played by Agnes Moorehead... or Liza.
TERRY (male 20-35): Brad’s icky, leisure-suit-wearing, too-many-chicks-banging, definitely-not-gay friend. Who lives upstairs. Definitely not gay.
AUDITIONS will be held on MONDAY, August 1st from 6:00pm - 10:00pm at Metro Arts Institute on 7th Ave. & McDowell. Directions given when appointment made.
PREPARE cold reads from the script. Sides will be issues via email if actors submit and electronic headshot and resume (or any picture and a brief summary of experience).
REHEARSALS BEGIN Sunday, Aug. 8th. 4 to 5 nights a week, 6:00PM to 10:30PM.
RUN DATES September 3rd - 24th
STIPEND RANGE: $150-$250
APPOINTMENTS are made by emailing your headshot and resume (or photo and brief summary of experience/training) to castingcouch@nearlynakedtheatre.org Please include your FULL NAME and PHONE NUMBER in the body of the email, NOT just on your attached resume. (Volunteers monitoring email account do not open attachments and thus cannot see your name and phone if you do not put it in the email). RESUMES are not required, but a HEADSHOT or ANY PICTURE OF YOURSELF is REQUIRED. Even a candid.

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