Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Theatre Artists Studio's 2016 New Summer Shorts - June 16 - June 26, 2016

Summer in Arizona means two things: Triple digit temperatures and blazing creativity at Theatre Artists Studio as we present our 9th annual "New Summer Shorts" festival of 10-minute plays! Join us for this audience favorite, which features a sizzling selection of shorts penned by Studio members.

Take a break from the heat this summer and plunge into the Studio's cool pool of talented theatre artists.

This year's line-up includes:
Chip or Strip
by Andrea Markowitz
Director: Judy Rollings & Dan Peitzmeyer; Cast: Angee Lewandowski, David Heap

A cashier dismisses the added security of the new chip credit card technology, clueless that she's continuously revealing personal information about herself.

Going to the Beach with Rutger Hauer
by Susan Sindelar
Director: Susan Sindelar; Cast: Alaina Beauloye, Tom Koelbel

Just when a person has it all figured out...their point of view can take an unexpected turn, through the perspective of a most unlikely stranger.

Home Invasion 
by Les Leiter
Director: Steve Fajardo; Cast: Mark Gluckman, Jason Isaak

A young burglar breaks into an old man's nearly empty apartment in search of valuables he can unload.  What he finds, however, may be of far more value than he ever imagined.

by Nina Koch
Director: Dolores Goldsmith; Cast: Bill Straus, Patti Hurtado

When a woman, eager to impress, denigrates her husband's recent art acquisition, he turns the tables in a unique and surprising way. A humorous look at how our appreciation of art is influenced.

Midnight Petunias
by Aaron Seever
Director: Aaron Seever; Cast: Martha Welty, Don Woodard, Chris Dorto

Jackson, a young man, faces the increasing challenges posed by his grandmother's dementia.  As the troubles mount, he is forced to make a major life decision.

by Lynn Timmons Edwards
Director: Layne Racowsky; Cast: Patti Hurtado, Julie Lee, Dan Peitzmeyer

Professor Dani Thoreau, a tenured biology professor from Hannigan College in Northern California has been on a 30+ year sabbatical creating and documenting the educational effects of community gardens. One day she is confronted with a City Administrator who wants to close a community garden to provide additional parking and has taken the matter to the President of the college. But is the professor who she says she is?

Tide Pools 
by Michael Fleck
Director: Barbara Acker; Cast: Tom Koelbel, Mitch Etter

A paean to John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts and Cannery Row.

Tuna and Salmon 
by Debra Rich Gettleman
Director: Tom Noga; Cast: Heather Fallon, Alaina Beauloye, Julie Lee

When Jennifer learns the unconventional baby names of her best friend, Angela's, twins, she is stunned and dismayed. But it's not until Margot, a pushy sales woman in an ultra-chic baby store, provokes her to action that Jennifer crosses a line over which she can never return.

Theatre Artists Studio, 4848 E. Cactus Rd, #406, Scottsdale, AZ  85254  
June 16-26, 2016
Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.; Sundays at 2:00 p.m.
Tickets: $20 General Admission; $10 Students 25 & Under
 $15 Groups of 10 or More, Seniors 65 & Over & Members of the Military

Box Office: 602-765-0120 or online at

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