Monday, June 20, 2016

photos - NEW SUMMER SHORTS 2016 - Theatre Artists Studio

for more information on this production, which runs through June 26th, CLICK HERE

Mark Gluckman and Jason Isaak in "Home Invasion"

Alaina Beauloye and Tom Koelbel in "Going to the Beach with Rutger Hauer" 

Julie Lee and Dan Peitzmeyer in "Sabbatical"

Patti Hurtado and Dan Peitzmeyer in "Sabbatical"

David Heap and Angee Lewandowski in "Chip or Strip"

Heather Fallon and Alaina Beauloye in "Tuna and Salmon" 

Tom Koelbel and Mitch Etter in "Tide Pools" 

Patti Hurtado and Bill Straus in "Illumination"

Martha Welty and Chris Dorto in "Midnight Petunias" 

Chris Dorto and Don Woodard in  in "Midnight Petunias" 
photos by Bill Phillips

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