Wednesday, April 13, 2016

cast announcement - URINETOWN - Tuscany Theatre Company

for more information on this production, which runs April 21st to April 30th, CLICK HERE

Adam Bei - Bobby Strong
Lauren Scoville - Hope Cladwell
Harold LeBoyer - Caldwell B. Cladwell
Tina Reynolds - Penelope Pennywise
Andrew Lipman - Officer Lockstock
Erin McFeely - Little Sally
Anthony Policci Old Man Strong/Hot Blades Harry
Ayanna Siders - Little Becky
Mary Simmons - Josephine Ma Strong
Jared Kitch - Ofiicer Barrel
JT Turner - McQueen/Ensemble
Greg Woolf - Senator Fipp
Kayleah Wilson - Soupy Sue
Joseph Daly - Tiny Tom
Danie Grief - Mrs. Millenium/Ensemble
Matthew Earnest - Robby the Stockfish
Joshua Lindblom - Dr. Billeaux/Billy Boy Bill
Brenna Jackson - UGC Exec #1/ Ensemble
Sarah Stowell - UGC Exec #2/Ensemble
Skyler Cully - Ensemble
Saylem duPont - Ensemble
Amy Smyth - Ensemble

Andrea McFeely - Director
Cheri Lundgreen - Producer
Karli Giles Kemper - Music Director
Shannon Perkins - Choreographer
Chantel Powers - Stage Manager
Carrie Grief - Costume Designer
Michael Smyth - Set Designer
Ryan Terry - Lighting Designer

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