Sunday, April 10, 2016

cast announcement - ME AND MY GIRL - Hale Centre Theatre

for more information on this production, which runs May 19th to July 2nd, CLICK HERE

Vinny Chavez: Bill Snibson
Heidi-Liz Johnson: Sally Smith
Charity Johansen: Maria, Duchess of Dene
Mark Kleinman: Sir John Tremayne
Jacqueline Brecker: Lady Jacqueline Carstone
Jeff Deglow: The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke
Raymond Barcelo: Herbert Parchester
Dan Stroud: Sir Jasper Tring
Carey Brant: Charles Hethersett
Carrie Klofach: Lady Battersby
Brandon Zale: Lord Battersby
Lydia McCloskey: Ensemble
Sydney Davis: Ensemble
Zack Pepe: Male Dancer/Ensemble
Nathan Taylor: Male Dancer/Ensemble
Bronson Todd: Male Dancer/Ensemble
Nick Fernandez: Male Dancer/Ensemble
Audrey Sullivan: Female Dancer/Ensemble
Darian Lorrain : Female Dancer/Ensemble
Haley Johnson : Female Dancer/Ensemble
Harley Barton: Female Dancer/Ensemble

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