Sunday, April 17, 2016

audition notice - THE OZ CHRONICLES - Brelby Theatre Company - April 30 & May 1

Step into a brand new adaptation of the book series by L. Frank Baum.

Auditioners will be expected to prepare two contrasting monologues, totalling no more than two minutes in length.

Auditions will be held on Sat April 30th & Sun May 1st from 9am-12pm.

Callbacks will be by invitation only on Sat May 21 from 9am-12pm.

Email to secure your spot.

The Oz Chronicles
by Shelby Maticic

Rehearses: May 28, June 19-July 28 (Sun-Thurs evenings, some longer Sunday rehearsals.)

July 29-30, Aug 5-6, 12-13, 19 @ 7:30pm
July 30-31, Aug 6-7, 13-14, 20 @ 2pm
This is the summer epic, so expect it to require high levels of physicality and stage combat.

Brief Description: The emerald age of Oz is over, and Ozma's kingdom has been overthrown. The evil witch Mombi has hidden a valuable tool from the people of Oz...their knowledge. With no memory of their land, the magic it held, or the peace they knew under Ozma's rule, a darkness has settled over Oz. Now in hiding, Ozma has joined forces with Dorothy and several allies of Oz to organize a rebellion and restore Oz to it's former glory. Despite their best effots, the key to success may lie in a seemingly ordinary boy and girl who come from the nonmagical world outside of Oz.

BOY - Young adult. kind. studious. intelligent. inventive.
GIRL - Young adult. curious. adventurous. dreamer.
OZMA - The rightful ruler of oz. leading an underground rebellion. she is jaded, but just.
THE HUNGRY TIGER - Ozma’s body guard. His bark is worse than his bite, but he is a fierce defender of the crown.
DOROTHY - A champion of Oz, and close confidant to Ozma. Crowned as a princess of Oz in her youth, she is the helping Ozma to lead the rebellion and restore balance in the land of Oz.
THE COWARDLY LION - Dorothy’s confidant and companion. More weathered than we’ve seen him in other adaptations.
CAPTAIN FYTER - A confidant of the Tin Woodsman and a victim of the same spell that rendered him metal.
POLYCHROME - A sky fairy whose father rules the skies. She originally finds her way to Oz after falling off of her father’s rainbow. She isn’t used to be far away from the sun, so often dances to keep herself warm while on Earth. She is a powerful ally to the rebellion.
MOMBI - Wicked Witch of the North. The original evil in Oz. She has used her powers to disrupt balance and crumble the Ozian empire as retribution for perceived injustices.
JESTER - Rumored to be related to the villanious witches of Oz, he was once an attendant in Ozma’s court. He worked as a double agent to bring about the fall of the Emerald City.
JINJUR - A female general who once overthrew the Emerald City with her all woman army. Her victory was shortlived, but Mombi has made promises to her in exchange for her service.
ERVIC - Warrior for the rebellion who initially fought as one of Mombi’s ranks. He’s joined forces with the rebellion, but his loyalties are questioned.
ZEB HUGSON - Dorothy’s cousin. He was once a resident of Oz, but chose to return to Kansas. His mysterious return has raised questions.
LOCASTA - The good witch of the North,
SMITH & TINKER - An inseparable duo. Smith is an artist who creates such lifelike images that they can come to life & Tinker is an inventor who is able to create complex creations that solve unsolvable problems. Their skills are unmatched and both sides are seeking their services.
LURLINE - Fairy Queen and original enchantress of Oz.

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