Thursday, March 17, 2016

cast announcement - DISNEY'S 101 DALMATIONS KIDS! - Musical Theatre of Anthem

for more information on this production, which runs May 12th to May 22nd, CLICK HERE

Anita: Grace Waltermire
Canine Narrator 1/Twilight Bark Scottie: Kate Creed
Canine Narrator 2/Twilight Bark Chihuahua: Libby Ikesaki
Canine Narrator 3/Twilight Bark Poodle: Sydnee Pelchat
Canine Narrator 4/Twilight Bark Boxer: Lizzie Bonifasi
Cruella De Vil: Lexirose Blanzy
Dalmatian Puppies:
-   Penny: Marlee Trent
-   Pepper: Kayden Solomon
-   Patch: Jayden Hawley
-   Lucky: Rileigh McDonough
-   Puppy: Caroline Waltermire
-   Puppy: Kylee Pelchat

Dog Catcher: Sadie Weiss
Fur Vault Puppies
-         Dot: Stella Witmer
-         Spot: Marlowe Dockter
Horace: Anora Biggs
Jasper: Vanessa Hughes
Featured Boxer 1: Mcartney Weisensee
Featured Boxer 2: Abby Bashaar
Boxer Ensemble: Zac Apodac. Tyler Blanzy. Allison Ebert
Featured Scottie 1 Kate Crampton
Featured Scottie 2 Lily Shull
Scottie Ensemble Ryder Comstock, Lucia Obert, Beckett Stewart
Featured Poodle 1 Emily Coffeen
Featured Poodle 2 Anna Bradford
Poodles Ensemble Ellie Crampton, Kinley Oberbroeckling. Abigail Patton
Featured Chihuahua 1 Vanessa McLean
Featured Chihuahua 2 Addison Purvis
Chihuahua Ensemble Tanis Clizer. Laci Noice, Averi Shuey
Nanny Joslyn Momeyer
Police Officer Casen Halpin
Pongo Lennon Hammond
Perdita Hannah Kring
Roger Benjamin Fletcher
Sergeant Tibbs Sage Sollars
K-9 Krunchie Kids Abby Bashaar, Anna Bradford. Emily Coffeen. Kate Crampton. Mcartney Weisensee
Thunderbolt Kids Zac Apodac, Tyler Blanzy. Ryder Comstock. Casen Halpin. Beckett Stewart

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