Thursday, March 24, 2016

audition notice - MURDER AND A MEAL DINNER THEATRE - March 28

Director: Becky Andress
Compensation: Salary
Rehearsals Begin: 04/04/2016
Performance Dates: 04/22/2016 –

Murder on the Movie Set: Movie studio set in the1940’s -1950’s restaurant setting
Get a Clue or Die: Based off of the Hasbro board game Clue
Who wants to Murder a Millionaire: Based off of a 1990’s Dating game show

All of our shows are audience interaction and actors are required to stay in character throughout the entire performance. It is dinner theater and all actors will help serve a three course meal to the audience

Character Breakdown

Characters needed for Murder on the Movie Set:

Milo Fortnight – The Director of the Movie. He just wants everything to go to plan and stay on schedule.

Jean Louis Batarde -­ The wardrobe/prop master. Very flamboyant, drama queen, and flirts with all the boys.

Matt Drillem -­ the leading man. He is a womanizer and is married to Nora Desmond.

Holly Golightonthamayo -­ the “ingenue” actress. She is having an affair with Matt and wants him to divorce Nora.

Nora Desmond -­ the “seasoned” actress. She is married to Matt but is aware of his philandering.

Characters needed for Get a Clue or Die:

Mr. Boddee/Stu – Mr. Boddee is a big deal and likes to remind everyone of that. Stu is the security guard that helps in solving the murder. This actor plays BOTH Boddee and Stu in the show.

Mr. Green – Employeed by Mr. Boddee as his gardener. Very flamboyant and gives every character a hard time, especially Miss Scarlett. Mr. Boddee is Mr. Green’s best landscaping client, but is slow to pay.

Professor Plum – Educated man and a pervert. He is smitten with Miss Scarlett and wants to win her hand. He would secretly like to see Mr. Boddee out of the way.

Characters needed for Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire:

Remus Philbrick – the obnoxious host of the show. He is pathetic but will do whatever he can to keep the show rolling.

Dirk Dagwell – the Millionaire of the show. He gets to pick one of the three finalists to be his bride.

What To Prepare

Cold reads

Audition Details

Orange Tree Golf Resort 10601 N 56th St
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

Auditions will be held in Valencia room. There will be a Murder and a Meal sign to indicate room.

Audition Dates and Times:

Callback Dates and Times:

Primary Contact:
Becky Andress
(928) 899-5892

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