Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jennifer Haaland spoke to the director and star of EVITA at Phoenix Theatre

Alyssa Chiarello
photo by Erin Evangeline Photography
Evita opens at Phoenix Theatre this weekend and The Examiner's Jennifer Haaland got a chance to speak to Director Robert Kolby Harper, and star Alyssa Chiarello...

"Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Evita", based on the real life of Eva Peron who careened from Argentina's slums to its presidential mansion, is a sort of tainted Cinderella story. Broadway musical enthusiasts have loved it since its late 1970s inception as well as a revival in 2012, with an added big screen Madonna and Antonio Banderas version in '96. And now, onto the Phoenix Theatre stage. With the opening this week, the show's leading lady and director visited yesterday with Examiner.

"We're focusing on Evita as a memory piece," began Director Robert Kolby Harper, noting he wants to convey "what makes her human... Why is Eva the way she is? It asks, 'What makes a strong person vulnerable? What is she concealing? reacting to?"  CLICK HERE to read the rest of Jennifer's interview

CLICK HERE for more information on Evita, which runs through March 20th

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