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audition notice - THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK - Hale Centre Theatre - Februrary 22

Hale Centre Theatre will hold auditions for The Diary of Anne Frank, playing April 7, 2016 – May 14, 2016. The show is produced by David and Corrin Dietlein, directed by M. Seth Reines, and casting directors David and Corrin Dietlein. Performances are Thursday – Saturday nights with Saturday matinees.

The Diary of Anne Frank, winner of the 1956 Pulitzer Prize and Tony award, is a lovely, tender drama based on true events. Anne Frank is a Jewish girl in hiding during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam in World War II. She, along with seven others, survive for two years in the sealed–off upper rooms of the annex of her father’s office building in Amsterdam. This is a story of courage, hope, and the triumph of the human spirit. It's one you don’t want to miss!

Audition Information: Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at 7:00 PM
  • Readings will be cold from the script. Sides will be provided.
  • Please be familiar with the play.
  • Read the breakdowns and bring your best characters to the audition.
  • Dance or singing will not be required at the audition.
  • A head shot and resume is required.

Call Backs
Call backs for The Diary of Anne Frank will be held Monday, February 29th at 7:00 PM with the first read through scheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd at 7:00 PM.

Audition Location
Auditions will be held at the theater located at 50 West Page Avenue in Gilbert.

How to make an appointment
Auditions are by appointment only. CLICK HERE to schedule your audition. Any questions may be emailed to

Each adult actor 16 years of age and older will receive a payment of $25.00 per performance. Child actors will be paid $12.50 for each performance.

Rehearsal Pay
Actors will be given a flat rate rehearsal pay of $150.00.

Other Notes
Runtime: 2 hours and 30 minutes.


MR. OTTO FRANK: (45-60) Anne’s polite and practical father, Mr. Frank is the head of the “attic family.” His calmness and patience are an asset in the cramped attic and a comfort to Anne, who is very close to him. Speaks with a slight German accent.
MRS. EDITH FRANK: (35-50) Anne’s reserved and nervous mother, Mrs. Frank loves Anne, but she wishes she were more proper and polite, like her sister Margot. Because of her reserved nature, Mrs. Frank and Anne are not close. Speaks with a slight German accent.
MARGOT FRANK: (17-21) Anne’s older sister, Margot is much more like her mother than Anne. She is beautiful, quiet, modest, and reserved: the complete opposite of Anne.
ANNE FRANK: (15-17) The youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Anne is a lively, curious girl of thirteen at the beginning of the play. She remains optimistic throughout the months they are in hiding and always makes the best of the situation she is in. As her diary reveals, she is very introspective and creative and has a vivid imagination.
MR. HERMANN VAN DAAN: (40-60) An irritable former business partner of Mr. Frank, Mr. Van Daan’s family is invited to stay in the attic with the Franks. He is selfish and openly critical of others, especially Anne.
MRS. PETRONELLA VAN DAAN: (35-50) Mr. Van Daan’s vain and finicky wife, Mrs. Van Daan is pretty and prizes the material things of life, including a fur coat she brought to the attic with her. These traits all make her the center of much of the conflict in the attic.
PETER VAN DAAN: (15-19) The son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter is a shy, quiet teenaged boy. He soon becomes a friend and confidant for Anne, and they share first kiss together.
MR. JAN DUSSELL: (48-60) Difficult to get along with, Mr. Dussell joins the Franks and the Van Daans after they have been in hiding about two months. He is the friend of Miep’s fiance Dirk who must also go into hiding because he is Jewish.
MIEP GIES: (40-60) A very well-liked, generous secretary in Mr. Frank’s office, Miep helps to protect the families in hiding. Along with Mr. Kraler, she brings to the refugees food, supplies, and news from the outside world.
MR. KRALER: (45-60) A Dutch businessman who works with Miep to help protect the people in hiding, Mr. Kraler risks his life to help his friends.


M. Seth Reines, Artistic Director of Arizona’s Showtune Productions, served as Artistic Director of Little Theatre on the Square, Illinois’ oldest Equity Stock Company for 25 years and Artistic Producer for Prather Entertainment Group for over 10 years.  A member of the Society for Directors and Choreographers and Actors Equity, Seth has staged over 450 productions for stage and television, including national tours of All Shook Up, The Wedding Singer, Sunday in the Park With George and South Pacific Winner of the Cleveland Drama Critics’ Award and San Francisco’s Dramalogue Award, Seth has directed  such stage luminaries as Sierra Boggess, Emily Loesser, Angela Lansbury, Chita Rivera, Tom Wopat, and Peter Allen.

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