Saturday, January 9, 2016

ticket discount - WINDFALL - Brelby Theatre Company

WINDFALL at Brelby Theatre Company opens on January 22nd and we have a special discount code to save you $2 off your ticket price.


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WINDFALL runs January 22nd to February 13th

A world premiere by Brian Maticic

Directed by Fernando Perez

Synopsis: Owen and Trent have been through everything together, and throughout their friendship, Owen has always been the stable one. Trent, a lazy but charming young man, decides to dodge his debt by faking his own death, leaving behind his best friend and fiance, Olivia. However, just after the deed is done, Trent wins the lottery. In an effort to collect his winnings, he attempts to enlist Owen's help. Is Owen finally fed up with Trent’s antics? Join us for a dark comedy about friendship, responsibility, and luck.

Mature Content.

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