Thursday, January 7, 2016

CYT reaches their matching grant goal!

 WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!
A generous donor offered to match up to $10,000 and we did it!
CYT was able to double the full $10,000!

And that means we have almost met our goal to raise $25,000 in celebration of our
25th show!  At this point we are at $24,255 since the campaign began on the opening night of Seussical (our 25th show). 
That's only $745 short!
If you haven't had a chance to jump onboard the campaign and help grow the young leaders oftomorrow, it's not too late!  We will keep this part of the campaign open until the end of January and thank you to all who have contributed ANY amount.  

Click HERE for our secure donation website. Or mail to our mailing address
CYT Phoenix
6212 E Helm Dr.
Scottsdale AZ 85254

A&M Construction Mgmt
Alan & Edie Chudnow
Anthony & Cyndi Couch
Barbara Blood
Betty Sterne
Carol Caplan
Carol Carpenter
Carrie Herrington
Cheryl Sucato
Cindy Frost
Craig & Andrea Caplan
Cyndee Sullivan
Dale & Mike Strickland
Darren & Suzanne Kessner
David Johnson
Diana Sarussi
Eric & Karin Crawford
Evelyn WIlliamson
Gary & Judith Hart
Gerald Broussard
Gina Bridgeman
Golden West Financial Corp
Howard & Patricia Kilzer
James Allmeyer
James & Susan George
Janet Nevins
Jeffrey Carpenter
Jennifer Caplan
Jerry Green
Jim & LouAnne Dale
Jodi Herfurth
Julia Hamilton
Keith & Kris Tyler
Kerry Dortenzio
Kevin & Roseanne Zarmer
Kimberly Sapp
Kimi Wussow
Leslie Randolph
Linda Cook
Lionel & Bonita Swedler
Lisa Horak
Mackenzie Couch
Margaret Rafidi
Martha Kaiser
Mary Beth Orson
Mary Kay-Susan Webb
Matt & Savannah Rogers
Mike & Mary Sherer
Nancy & Darwin Reynolds
Randall Rafidi
Raymond & Barbara Napoletano
Raymond & Linda Hedlund
Reid & Susan McBride
Richard Greenlee
Richard WIlliams
Rita Odenheimer
Ronald & Kathleen Mobley
Sandra Keith
Sara & James McDermott
Scott & Jen Okland
Sheryl & Paul Russell
Siobhan Ulreich-Power
Stephanie Fagerlie
Sueann Ringer
Susan L Webb/Shirley Field
Susan McBride
Susan L. Smith
Susan Tuten
Tambra & David Lamb
Thomas Sharda
Tracey Smith
Tracy Atwell

Click HERE to read our publication about our 25 shows and some of the 25 stories of those that helped us get to
25 shows!

With your support, CYT will be able to offer the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts to more students!  This year some of our goals are to expand into another part of the Valley, develop an inner city or Title 1 school program, develop a Senior Follies program for those over 65, send several of our students to a national CYT leadership conference, and explore the possibilities of developing a CYT theater space.

Phone - 480-310-0366 for more information

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