Monday, December 21, 2015

cast announcement - BACK TO THE 80's - Desert Stages Theatre

for more information on this production, which runs February 19th to March 20th, CLICK HERE

Early Cast (Performing Friday Nights and Saturdays):

Ben Alker: Lionel
Skye Alker: Student
Grace Allen: Laura (O)/Featured Student (C)
Annika Almquist: Featured Student
Natalie Blum: Featured Student
Jannesa Boncomo: Featured Student
Kellyn Broerman: Debbie (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Aria Bunce: Student
Stephanie Burger: Student
Grace Carlson: Tiffany (C)/Featured Cheerleader (O)
Madison Crespo: Featured Student
Lily Dahl: Student
Emma DelGhiaccio: Mel (C)/Featured Cheerleader (O)
Kennedy Dunn: Featured Student
Wyatt Eastman: Corey Jr (O)/Kirk (C)
Olivia Feldman: Featured Student
Kaylee Forth: Student
Chantel Frankson: Mel (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Maclain Gestring: Student
Jack Goodman: Corey Jr (C)/Kirk (O)
Vivienne Green: Student
Gigi Griepp: Eileen (C)/Featured Student (O)
Jillian Gross: Miss Brannigan (O)/Featured Student (C)
Olivia Hizme: Laura (C)/Featured Student (O)
Samantha Hizme: Featured Student
Jenna Hollerbach: Feargal (C)/Student (O)
Autmn Jongert: Student
Olivia Jongert: Student
Gwen Kainass: Student
Sadie Krotonsky: Kim (C)/Featured Cheerleader (O)
Arielle Kutz: Student
Sam Lasky: Mr. Cocker
Macie Logan: Featured Student
Britton Maranto: Featured Student
Sam Markson: Alf
Candence Moon: Student
Rachel Nathan: Debbie (C)/Featured Student (O)
Sophie Perlstein: Student
Regan Perrin: Featured Student
Paige Presley: Student
Lauren Reilly: Featured Student
Kendra Richards: Tiffany (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Allie Rose: Kim (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Adriana Sandavol: Student
Ava Sandifer: Featured Student
Kali Lev Shaham: Student
Ashley Sherman: Student
Lexi Sherman: Featured Student
Kaylin Sherrill: Student
Eden Skory: Featured Student
Zane Smederovac: Michael
Ava Smith: Student
Skye Smith: Student
Kasey Swartz: Eileen (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Sofia Toro: Cyndi (C)/Featured Cheerleader (O)
Emily Vatistas: Miss Brannigan (C)/Featured Student (O)
Jamie Villarreal: Cyndi (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Hep Witzel: Billy
Megan Yarnall: Feargal (O)/Featured Student (C)

Late Cast (Performing Saturday Nights and Sundays):

Graham Armknecht: Billy
Quinlyn Ashlock: Featured Student
Elina (Elli) Beyer: Student
Jake Brovitz: Student
Cayee Brovitz: Student
Lauren Butler: Featured Student
Katrina Butler: Miss Brannigan (O)/Featured Student (C)
Cate Carlino: Tiffany (O)/Kim (C)
Sophia Chouinard: Student
Paige Corbin: Eileen (O)/Featured Student (C)
Petra Danek: Student
Lizzie Davis: Feargal (C)/Student (O)
MarySue Dickens: Featured Cheerleader
Grace Dimond: Laura (O)/Featured Student (C)
Helena Dorris: Featured Cheerleader
Isabela Farmer-Bonilla: Student
Caitlyn Freeman: Cyndi (C)/Mel (O)
Annabelle Goettl: Featured Student
Dayna Hall: Student
Walter Hall Jr.: Lionel
Sydney Hassler: Featured Student
Maddie Hoag: Eileen (C)/Featured Student (O)
Rachel Kaye: Student
Laine Kenly: Featured Student
Clare Kulaga: Featured Cheerleader
Constança Langer: Featured Student
Jordan Lara: Alf (C)/Student (O)
Jared Lara: Michael (C)/Mr. Cocker ( O)
Brady Lord: Student
Ronan Lord: Featured Student
Tabitha Momeyer: Debbie (C)/Featured Student (O)
Caroline Moriarty: Featured Student
Niamh Murphy: Miss Brannigan (C)/Featured Student (O)
Hannah Novack: Debbie (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Mikabella Parraz: Student
Josephine Raia: Featured Student
Griffin Raia: Yoda/Student
Style Ranger: Kirk (O)/Student (C)
Marissa Reaves: Featured Student
Emily Ref: Laura (C )/Featured Student (O)
Ashley Rhoads: Feargal (O)/Featured Cheerleader (C)
Allie Rose: Featured Cheerleader
Hannah Sanders: Featured Student
Milena Santiago: Featured Student
Nathan Sullivan: Alf (O)/Student (C)
Katelyn Sullivan: Student
Erin Tarkington: Cyndi (O)/Mel (C)
Jamie Villarreal: Featured Cheerleader
Hudson Wilbur: Student
Macie Wilbur: Featured Cheerleader
Jaxon Wilcox: Corey Jr (C)/Student (O)
Hudson Wilcox: Kirk (C)/Student (O)
Sydney Wolfert: Featured Student
Peyton Woolf: Tiffany (C)/Kim (O)
Jack Yampolsky: Corey Jr (O)/Student (C)
Jeremy Yampolsky: Michael (O)/Mr. Cocker (C)

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