Saturday, November 7, 2015

audition notice - BYE, BYE BIRDIE - Christian Youth Theatre - November 20

Friday, November 20th
CYT Warehouse- 2920 E. Mohawk Ln

Saturday, November 21st
CYT Warehouse
Time TBD

All students registered for class will receive an email invitation with a link to audition sign-ups.

You must be currently registered for a class to participate in our shows. If you are not yet registered for a winter CYT class see CLASSES for more information.

Be sure to download and bring your audition packet. ALL forms you need are available on the SHOW page and highlighted in RED. For more information and to download the audition packet, CLICK HERE

Friday, December 4th
CYT Warehouse

1st Parent Meeting
Tuesday, December 1st at 6:45pm
North Bible Church

2nd Parent Meeting
Wednesday, January 13th at 6:15pm
North Scottsdale United Methodist

February 8th-11th
All tech week rehearsals are held at Phoenix Center for the Arts (1202 N. 3rd St.)

Phoenix Center for the Arts (1202 N. 3rd St.)

Friday, Feb 12th – 7:00pm
Saturday, Feb 13th – 2:00pm
Sunday, Feb 14th – 2:00pm
Friday, Feb 19th – 7:00pm
Saturday, Feb 20th – 1:00pm, 4:30pm
Sunday, Feb 21st – 2:00pm

Character List:
Albert Peterson (Tenor): The nervous and high - strung president of Almaelou Records.
Rose Alvarez (Alto): Al’s secretary who dreams of the day when she can adjust his title from employer to husband.  

Conrad Birdie (Baritone): A well-groomed rock-and-roll singer in the vein of Elvis Presley about to be inducted into the army.  

Kim MacAfee (Soprano): The president of Sweet Apple’s Conrad Birdie Fan Club, chosen to give Conrad his last kiss before shipping off.  

Mrs. Mae Peterson (Speaking Role): Albert’s overbearing mother, and cofounder of Almaelou.  

Mr. Harry MacAfee (Tenor): Kim's father  

Mrs. Doris MacAfee (Alto): Kim's mother  

Hugo Peabody (Speaking Role): A teenager from Sweet Apple, Ohio, who is “going steady” with

Kim MacAfee.  

Randolph MacAfee (Tenor): Kim's younger brother  

Parents and Townspeople: including Mayor, Edna, Charles Maude, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Merkle  

Fan Club members and Town teens: including Alice, Harvey Johnson, Helen, Nancy, Penelope Ann,

Fred, Suzie, Carl  

Town children

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