Wednesday, October 28, 2015

audition notice - THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - Desert Stages Theatre - November 1

Directed by Cambrian James
Musical Direction by Liz Spencer

Ages 16+

General Audition will be held on Sunday November 1st at 7pm.
Callbacks will be Sunday November 8th at 6pm

For inital audion please prepare 16-32 of a song of choice. Accompanist will be provided.
Please register online at and bring head shot and resume.

Character Breakdown~
MILLIE DILLMOUNT: (Female, 20-25) Midwestern upbringing, arrives in New York determined to acquire big city sophistication and a rich husband.
Singing: ALTO/MEZZO RANGE G#3 to E5 with Possible Belting.
Dancing: Must Tap

JIMMY SMITH: (Male, 20-30) Self-assured and quick witted, loves to have a good time. Charming, but goofy, must possess a good sense of comic timing. Romantic lead.
Singing: Strong Singer. TENOR RANGE – C3 to A4.
Dancing: Tapping a plus

MISS DOROTHY BROWN: (Female, 20-25) MILLIE's best friend, bubbly ingénue.
Singing: Strong SOPRANO – B3 to C6. No belting.
Dancing: Light tap.

TREVOR GRAYDON: (Male, 30-40) MILLIE's boss, a “manly-man”. Romantic lead.
Singing: HIGH MALE TENOR RANGE. Low: F below middle C. High: should be able to carry the chest voice up to G above middle C.
Dancing: Light Dancing Required

MRS. MEERS: (Female, 45-55) Striking and sinister, the VILLAIN. Pretends to be Chinese. Some lines are in Mandarin Chinese. Strong Singer/Dancer/Comedian.
Singing: ALTO RANGE E3 to Bb4)
Dancing: Light Dancing Required

MUZZY VAN HOSSMERE: (Female, 35-45) Exceptional Singer/Dancer. Becomes Millie’s friend and mentor.
Singing: Mezzo/ALTO RANGE: G#3 to D5
Dancing: Light Dancing Required

BUN FOO: (Male, 20-30) Chinese immigrant henchman, brother of Ching Ho. The brothers reluctantly help MRS. MEERS in exchange for bringing their mother to America. He is more hardened by the world than younger brother, Ching Ho. Comic character.
Singing: Strong Singer, Bass/Baritone E3 to E4
Dancing: Light Dancing Required

CHING HO: (Male, 18-25) Chinese immigrant henchman, brother of Bun Foo. Sings and Speaks in Chinese. Bright-eyed, non-conventional, romantic. Comic character.
Singing: Strong Singer, Bass/Baritone Bb2 to E4
Dancing: Light Dancing Required

MISS FLANNERY: (Female, 35-45) Runs the office and Stenographer Pool. Strong, loud and in charge. Character/Cameo actress.
Singing: ALTO/Mezzo - RANGE Db3 to D5.
Dancing: Must Tap.

Ensemble - PRISCILLA GIRLS: (Females: 18-35) Lucille, Rita, Alice, Gloria, Ruth, Mary, Ethel Peas, Dorothy Parker. Aspiring actresses who are a tight knit group. Strong singers and dancers.
Singing: ALTO TO SOPRANO. Should be able to sing in a small, multi-part ensemble. May have some solo or duet parts. No belting. Should be able to blend well.
Dancing: Must Tap

Ensemble - MALE: (Males: 18-35) George Gershwin, The Letch, Rodney, Muzzy’s Boys:
Dancing: Must Tap

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