Tuesday, February 3, 2015

photos - LOMBARDI - Desert Stages

For more information on this production that runs until March 15, click here.

Please note: Dyana Carroll is playing the part of Marie Lombardi through Feb. 15th, then Diane Senffner plays the part from Feb. 20th to March 15th.

Timothy Pittman
Matthew Fields Winter and Chase Reynolds
William Broyles IV, William Hayden Edgmon and Chase Reynolds
Dyana Carroll
Diane Senffner, Chase Reynolds
Timothy Pittman, Matthew Fields Winter, William Hayden Edgmon and William Broyles IV
Diane Senffner
Chase Reynolds, Timothy Pittman and Diane Senffner
Dyana Carroll and Chase Reynolds
Matthew Fields Winter, Chase Reynolds, William Broyles IV and William Hayden Edgmon
Timothy Pittman
photos: Heather Butcher

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