Tuesday, January 20, 2015

photos - KING LEAR & AS YOU LIKE IT - Southwest Shakespeare Company

King Lear and As You Like It perform in repertory through January 31st - click here for more information on King Lear or here for more info on As You Like It.

Photos: Mark Gluckman

King Lear:
Allison Sell as the Fool, John Hutton as Lear

John Hutton as Lear and Jordan Letson as Goneril
Harold Dixon as Gloucester, William Wilson as Edgar, and John Hutton as Lear
As You Like It:

Ross Hellwig as Orlando and Aaron Moore as Charles the Wrestler
Ross Hellwig as Orlando and Allison Sell as Rosalind
Jordan Letson as Audrey, William Wilson as Touchstone and Aaron Moore as William

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